Talbot Kids Club

Talbot Tiger Kids Club
Our ever popular kids club runs during the kids school holidays: Summer, Christmas, Easter, Midterm, Halloween. Our kids club offers parents a relaxing few hours off to enjoy their evening while the kids enjoy a jam packed evening of fun! Any kids under the age of 4 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Itinerary for the Kids Club every evening; 

5pm: Registration for Kidz Club Meals @ "Talbot Tiger Reception Desk": A decorated pod table beside the main hotel reception desk which will hold all relevant information about the Kids Club .i.e Timetable, Menu's, kids pledge, kids colouring packs. Here, a leader from our kids club will take all relevant information from the parents regarding their children's food choice and th eir room numbers. 

5:15pm: Leaders will take all Kids to the Bistro where they will dine under supervision of our Club Leaders. Leader will pass the food order to the bar chef on duty each evening.  

6pm-8pm:  "Captain Jack's" fun & games: Your kids will be surrouded with infinite toys and games to be enjoyed with their brand new hotel friends!   

8pm-9:30pm: Kids movie with cookies, juice & popcorn.

9:30pm: Leaders will return all kids to the "Talbot Tiger Reception Desk" in the lobby where they will be collected by their parents.