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Tir na Nollaig at Bishop Lucey Park Cork City

Tír na Nollaig, a magical ‘faery’ village, will open free of charge for all at Bishop Lucey Park in the heart of Cork City Centre for the duration of the 'Glow' festival.

Larger than life toy soldiers will guard a fort which hides this enchanted village. As visitors step into the Christmas fairytale, they will be greeted by magical faery inhabitants as they wander around a faery woodland where the Spirit of Christmas lives.

The woodland will be filled with faery houses, magical forest creatures, a Christmas throne and sleigh, a magical well, and the charm of childhood imagination brought to life. Make sure you peek through the windows in the faery village hall to see a magical world where Geese come to life in the fountain, snowflakes fall and faeries fly.

Original traditional Irish music has also been composed for Tír na Nollaig so that visitors truly feel transported to magical place. Not only that, but kids will be able to post their letter to the North Pole, sprinkled with magical faery dust to ensure their wishes come true. The journey through the park will take approximately 20 minutes.

Opening: Friday to Sunday 4pm to 8pm
29th November to 1st December, 2013
6th to 8th December, 2013
13th to 15th December, 2013
20th to 23rd December, 2013