Attention to all members, guests and swim lessons:


Changing room renovations will be commencing Wednesday 21st February. Renovations will take approximately 7 days per changing room to complete.

Please note the following operations procedure for this duration:

21st February: Work in gent’s changing room will commence. Gents will only have access to changing area but will not have access to toilets, sinks and showers for seven days. However, you can avail of the showers outside the sauna and steam room.

Access to the male changing room will only be accessible by leisure reception.

01st March: Floor in the gent’s then needs to be re-sealed which means the gent’s changing room is non-operational/ closed for 2 days. Therefore, gents will have no changing area, showers, sinks and toilets available to them during this time.

5th March: Ladies changing room commences. Again, it is an estimated 7 days for completion.

Changing rooms will change over for seven days. This means that the gents will be using the ladies changing area and ladies and children will be using gents. Again, there will be no access to toilets, sinks and showers for the gents, only from outside the sauna and steam room. Access to the ladies changing room will only be accessible via the leisure reception.

12th March: Following completion of showers, tiling and plumbing, the floor will be re-sealed. Which means the Ladies changing room will be non operational and fully closed off for two days.

We are hoping to resume to new changing rooms and full operations by 14th March.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by works over the next few weeks. However, as you are all aware these maintenance issues must be repaired and completed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to a member of staff.


Marianne McCarthy

Leisure Club Manager